We are familiar with many idioms, such as ‘Man proposes, God disposes,’ ‘Every dark cloud has a sliver lining,’ and ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ As long as we are using these expressions at the language level, we are well and good. Now that we need to live according to these words, we are perhaps not doing so well.

We all know about the dark cloud. Many are spending hours and hours talking about it, hearing about it, putting forth their theories about it. I propose that we start looking at the silver lining behind this dark cloud. 

Parents are spending more time with their children. Children are becoming more appreciative of school and educators. They are realizing the value of structure provided by educational institutes. Teachers and principals are driving as a caravan to various areas where their students live, yelling from their cars, “We love you and miss you.” Students are reciprocating love for their teachers.

Many are cooking meals at home after a long time. More families are eating together.

People are showing their humanity in wonderful ways. They are calling each other and asking how they can help.  They are finding ways to assist others. Young people are shopping and delivering groceries and other necessities to the elderly. Neighbors are looking out for one another. 

The best way to stop feeling miserable is to look outside of yourself and see the suffering of others. Chances are they are hurting worse than you are. Use valuable time not in looking at the dark cloud but in trying to find the silver lining.


Didi Ji