Good health and life in general are not to be taken for granted.
Health is wealth. If we don’t have good health, all the money in the world is of no use. Name and fame mean nothing. Size and location of the house are inconsequential.

We must quit the habit of wasting.
In the future parents will say to their children, “Remember the time when we ran out of fruits, and you badly wanted an orange? We were too afraid to leave the house to get groceries.”

Family unit is priceless.
Ask the wife and 5-year old child of the young man struggling to breathe in the ICU. Ask the family of the matriarch about to breathe her last due to the virus, not being able to hold a loved one’s hand. What price will these people put on the life of their loved one?

Home is a nurturing place.
Friends and vacations are fine, but at the end of the day, there is no place like home. Invest in your home, not just the house.

We must respect and protect Mother Nature.
In the most polluted cities of the world older people are seeing blue skies after decades; younger ones are seeing them for the first time. There is a noticeable reduction in pollution levels. Water is cleaner in the canals and rivers. It would be sad and painful to go back to our careless ways.

It’s our duty as humans to look after one another.
We are a global family, and nothing happens in isolation. Not only are effects of the pandemic being felt throughout the world, but kind and caring attitude of people and corporations is also being noticed. We are all going through the same experience and need to care for one another.

God is important in life.
God’s importance in life is not in Him giving us whatever we ask of Him, but in the solace He brings to the mind. Remembrance of God should be a part of daily life, not a weekly activity. Daily meditation on God is the only way to build up inner strength and acquire true wisdom.

Stay home! Stay safe!


Didi Ji