In many ways the pandemic is forcing us to go back to basics. Many are growing their own herbs and vegetables for the first time in life. Those who ate mostly in fast food joints and restaurants are cooking meals at home. They are learning how to make spaghetti sauce from scratch.  We are learning how to boost our immune system. People are spending quantity and quality time with their family. Those with household help are cleaning their home by themselves. People are becoming more creative and resourceful. They are less likely to throw food away. They are showing more kindness to strangers. Many are turning more towards meditation and prayer.

Can we sustain this? Good question! The answer lies within you. If you think that life had become too fast and you were always feeling like the water was reaching up to your neck, the change of pace is more likely to be your new way of living. If you welcome this new life in which you are playing games with your kids and not just telling them to leave you alone with your work and watch TV, your new life is going to be one in which there is more work-family balance. If you are feeling healthier due to consuming food you have cooked, you will be using your basil, mint and oregano creatively in the kitchen. If you are shocked at the amount of food you were discarding, you and your family will wisely adopt the zero-waste food policy.

We were running too fast to even pause and look where we were going. Our Creator pressed the Pause button for us to stop and evaluate our life. We were going too far away from Nature. God pressed the Reset button and set everything right. We were becoming too fancy and getting away from simplicity. God said to us – Go back to basics.


Didi Ji