• God has two aspects; with name and form, and without name and form.
  • There is only one God and He resides in the hearts of all living beings.
  • The individual soul must surrender to God wholeheartedly.
  • Earn money with 100 hands and donate it with 1,000 hands.
  • One of God’s countless names is ‘Anand,’ i.e. unlimited, immeasurable, everlasting happiness.
  • An individual can attain true happiness only by knowing God.
  • God enables the individual to perform actions but the choice of action rests with the individual.
  • God can be grasped only through loving devotion.
  • After death the soul is given the body of a human, animal, bird, insect or tree, depending on the actions of the individual.
  • The One Being is contemplated by the sages in many forms.
  • Violence must not be practiced toward any living creature.
  • Pure food renders the mind pure, and with a pure mind it’s easier to meditate on God.
  • Just as there is oil in the sesame; just as there is fire in the wood; just as there is fragrance in the flower; just as there is ghee within the milk, likewise God pervades every pore of our being.
  • God is the ultimate cause of everyone and everything.
  • Ignorant is the one who thinks that he is the body.

Didi Ji


Didi Ji