• Eat dinner together as a family. This should be the rule not an exception. Dinner time is your time to be together and talk to one another. Phones and other electronics must not be allowed at the dinner table. Relish the playful banter with family members and friends. This is the time to talk and listen without interruptions.

  • Be with Nature. Walking outside is extremely therapeutic for body and mind. There is no man-made building or object that delights the mind like Nature does in the form of green grass, trees, flowers, birds, butterflies and ponds. Grow plants in your yard. If you don’t have a yard, grow herbs and flowers indoors. Get your hands in dirt.

  • Talk it out. Silence is golden but there are times when you need to talk about your feelings, your fears and your concerns with someone you trust. Keeping it all inside can be very detrimental to your mental health, while talking about them eases the anxiety.
  • Work on your hobby. Don’t have one? Develop one! Be creative. Learn to do something you have never done. Learn to whistle. Master the art of baking an apple pie. Learn how to change a tire. Do a DIY project, and give out those crafts as gifts. Make birthday cards rather than buying them from the store. They will put a smile on so many faces, including yours.

  • Eat right and get proper rest. Take in the sights and sounds of your environment. Express gratitude to God for all that you have – all the good that’s in your life, and all the challenges whose purpose you perhaps don’t understand at the moment.


Didi Ji