Imagine that you are traveling, and you find yourself in a place where living conditions are less than desirable. The room is dusty; bedsheets have not been washed, and there are dead insects in the drawers of the cupboard. What would you do in this scenario? Wouldn’t you dust the furniture; get rid of the dead critters; sweep and mop the floor and wash the bedding? You certainly would not stay in the room in that despicable condition.

Yet, we are living willingly in a very dusty and unclean place. The place is our own mind, which is full of undesirable thoughts – thoughts of anger, pride, greed, ignorance, violence, hatred and envy. These thoughts do not allow us to rest in peace.

Now imagine living in a place full of positivity, good will, beauty, kindness and compassion. Can you visualize living somewhere where there is no anger, hatred, pride, greed, envy or hypocrisy? You would say, “Yes, but this is a fictional place; it’s utopia. It doesn’t exist.” I disagree! I say to you that there is such a place, and you can choose to live there. This place is your own mind.

Your mind becomes what you want it to become. Decide what kind of place you want your mind to be. Do you want it to be a green and luscious garden where flowers of kindness, generosity, humility and tolerance can be seen blooming throughout the year? Do you want it to be free of weeds such as hatred, greed and envy? Then grow the inner garden and take care of it. Give it the proper nourishment. Get rid of the weeds as soon as they appear.

Utopia is a fictional place, where everything is perfect. You can make utopia a reality by working on the mind and shaping it into perfection.


Didi Ji