Everything needs cleaning from time to time. We clean our teeth twice a day; we clean our body at least once a day. The rooms in your house are cleaned as per need; some more frequently than others. You clean your car at regular intervals. Now, there is one more thing that needs cleaning. It’s your habits; the way you think; the way you behave. In other words, you need to clean up your act.

Clean up your habit of texting, as well as checking and posting on social media when you are with family or friends. This is an unimaginably impolite yet seemingly acceptable habit in the modern world. Shockingly, it has become the norm these days. Don’t lose the art of delightful conversation and its tremendous benefit to the mind and the psyche.

Clean up your drinking habit. Why are you drinking mindlessly and losing all self-respect when you get drunk? Are you really being cool, or just a crazy fool? Just because a lot of people drink alcohol, does not mean you have to. It doesn’t mean it’s a good or healthy habit. Choose healthy and tasty non-alcoholic drinks over nasty and unhealthy alcoholic beverages. Think why your religion forbids drinking. Put some thought into this.

Clean up your language. What are you really proving by using filthy language, if not that you have a filthy mind? You may protest, saying that it’s just a mindless habit. Even in this case, what are you proving except that you are a mindless individual? Do you really have no idea that your God lives within you and He winces in pain as you release your tyranny of offensive words? If you would feel ashamed for your parents to hear you speaking like that, why do it?

Clean up your drug habit. Are you so shallow that you cannot think how badly you are shaping your future by taking drugs? There are no drugs that don’t have adverse effects on the mind. There are none! All are harmful. Don’t believe what your drug-fueled mind or addicted friends are telling you. Get to know the facts. Leave the world of fantasy. Come back to the real world.

Clean up your thoughts. Is it true that everyone around you is completely bad? Are you really the only one who is intelligent? Or, is it that your ego only makes you think this way? Put some humility into your thoughts; add some tolerance. Listen to others and learn from them. Look at the good in everyone. Look at God who is in the heart of every living being. At least try to identify your thoughts of anger, greed and pride.  


Didi Ji