1. Because He gives without expecting anything from you.
Everyone expects something back from you, even if it is a thank you note, a hug or a smile. God is the only one who keeps giving without any expectation.

2. Because you have every possible relationship with Him.
In the world your mother is only your mother. She is not your father, brother, sister and child along with being your mother. God is mother, father, brother, sister, child and beloved. You are the spirit soul and you have each and every relationship with Him.

3. Because He is the only one who has always been with you.
Wherever the soul goes after leaving the physical body, God goes along as well. He never leaves you alone for even the tiniest moment.

4. Because He will always remain with you.
Countless family members have been with you and now you are separated from them. Even the most intimate worldly relationship comes to an end one day. God, however, has always been with you and will always be by your side.

5. Because He forgives your countless offences.
Even though His child has committed countless sins, God forgives everything if His child becomes truly repentant. 

6. Because He is always looking at you without blinking.
What if He blinks and at that very moment you decide to surrender to Him? The moment you surrender, He has to destroy your ignorance, burn your uncountable actions, and give you unlimited knowledge. So, He never blinks. 

7. Because He has been infinitely patient with you.
There is no end to His patience. Patiently He waits for you to run into His loving arms as you run in the opposite direction. But He waits and waits and waits. All because of love.

8. Because He is all-merciful.
The only thing He knows to do is to shower mercy on one and all. Even as He punishes His children, He does it to grace them.

9. Because He never forgets you even though you forget Him.
Although you may forget Him, He never forgets to grace you. He is the merciful mother who continues to love her child even though the child may be kicking her.

10. Because His love for you is immeasurable.
It is absolutely impossible to measure the love God has for you. Because of that love He gives you the power of critical thinking. Because of that love He gives you fruits of your actions by taking note of every single thought of yours.

Didi Ji


Didi Ji