To achieve the highest, you must feel yourself to be the lowest.
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Wake up and worship God. If you are fond of sleeping, rest assured that there will come a day when death will come, and you will sleep for a long time.
Sant Kabir
Only when a man sees this universe as God does the veil fall from his eyes; then that man, purified and cleansed, finds his whole vision changed.
Svami Vivekanand

For prayer is nothing else but being on terms of friendship with God.
Saint Theresa

I planted the creeper of love and silently watered it with my tears. Now the creeper has spread and on it grows the fruit of Devotion.   

The desire for more and more wealth is dangerous. Cultivate the good sense to give up your desires. Be content with what you have. 
Adi Shankaracharya

Wisdom enters through love, silence, and mortification. 
St. John of the Cross

Renounce the desire to look good in the eyes of others and instead desire to become good in the true sense of the word.
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Didi Ji


Didi Ji