The New Year inspires new beginnings and brings fresh optimism. The world is the same. You are the same. But you are inspired to make a fresh start. I wish all the readers a very wonderful and happy new year. My gift to you comes as usual in the form of thoughts and words:

Life is full of challenges and demands. Instead of thinking about what you wish to accomplish in your entire life, concentrate on what you aim to accomplish just today, and put your heart and soul into that task.

Choose to be happy with your family and your environment. Decide in your mind that you have a great life and the choicest blessings from God. This sort of thinking is not a placebo; it is truly a panacea.

Take charge of your health. Rather than treating the symptoms, go to the root of the problem and fix your body as much as possible with fresh wholesome foods, old-fashioned natural remedies, proper breathing, and exercise.

Give up one bad habit and pick up one good one. Your mind starts to protest right away by saying, “It sounds easy, but it’s impossible.” Do not listen to the mind. Take one step at a time.

Before you go shopping, take a good look in your closets and drawers. Reinvent the items you already have and save yourself a trip to the mall.  Get the immense satisfaction of giving to others. Spend less and give more to charity.

Live each day of as if it is your final day.


Didi Ji