The entire world celebrates the arrival of the New Year. Different cultures celebrate in their own unique and fun-filled ways. It’s not wrong to celebrate having survived a year full of difficulties, heartaches and challenges. At the same time, we should ponder life and reflect on the fact that another year has passed, leaving us with less time.

A prison inmate looks forward to the passing of days. The more time passes, the happier he becomes, anticipating a sweet reunion with family and friends. He knows that he has less time left before his release. What kind of release are we looking forward to? Our time is precious. Our moments are predetermined and premeasured. How we choose to spend these invaluable moments depends on us.

Make 2021 your best year by gaining control of your worldly desires and material attachments. Make this year significant; a year in which you control the usage of your iPhone and other such distractions. Let this be the year of less anger and more calmness; less pride and more humility; less avarice and more generosity; less words and more action.

Time passes quickly. Today we are at the start of January. Before we know it, a whole year will have passed. Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to welcome 2022. For that we need to work hard right now. One year later, we should be satisfied, knowing that we did not waste precious time. For this to happen, we need to spend this year very wisely.

Welcome, 2021. Stay with us and don’t leave so soon.


Didi Ji