W is for Welcoming. Some people have a way of making you feel at ease in their home, their group, and in new surroundings. They look you in the eye and genuinely pay attention to what you are saying. They sit and talk with you when no one is talking to you. Being with them makes you feel valued. It seems that for these people there are no strangers.

The world is a marketplace. We come here for a short time and while here, we meet many people. Let’s not forget that we are children of the same Father. We must try to see God, our Father, within everyone we meet. Decide within your own heart that you will make everyone you meet feel welcome in your presence. Genuinely try to feel the divinity within every person.

Will you feel like an impostor? Yes, but for only a short while. As time passes, you will internally feel the way you are acting externally.

X is for Xenagogue, meaning, a guide. If you wish to live a fruitful life you must allow yourself to be led by a spiritual guide; a Guru, a saint. A scholar once approached a saint and said to him, “I wish to have a spiritual experience.” The saint said, “Go outside and stand there for one hour.” “But it’s raining outside.” “Yes, yes, I know. Go outside and stand in the rain.” Feeling extremely foolish, the scholar did as he was told. He stood in the rain for an hour and then went inside. The Guru smiled and asked, “How do you feel?” The scholar said, “Like a fool.” “Very good, very good,’ said the saint. You have had your very first experience.”

For a guide to give you direction in life, you must first accept your ignorance. Then a divine xenagogue will lead you out of confusion and into the abode of knowledge.


Didi Ji