Y is for Youthful. You don’t have to be young or look young to be youthful. If you are receptive to new and fresh ideas; if you are willing to accept that there is more than one way of doing things, and if you are excited about learning even at not-such-a-young age, you are youthful.

With the passing of years, we tend to get settled in our way of thinking. Our opinions become inflexible, and we dare anyone to change us. This is quite unfortunate because then we stop learning and growing. The mind becomes a stagnant pond instead of a flowing river. People seem annoying and we become proper curmudgeons.

Mind you; being youthful requires a good dose of humility. A humble person can accept others’ ideas and appreciate them. People of all ages – children, preteens, teens, adults – have great ideas and these ideas are the best resources we have. Being youthful keeps the mind open and receptive to these ideas.

Z is for Zeal. Don’t be jealous. Be zealous. Being zealous carries a slightly negative connotation in people’s minds, but here it is being used in a very positive and desirable manner. Zeal is passion. To be happy in material as well as spiritual life, you need passion. If you are going to be a hairdresser, put all your passion into working with hair. If you are cooking a meal, become passionate about the food you are preparing. If you are meditating, be an ardent meditator. Meditate with a passion.

When you feel bored and aimless, check your zeal level. It must be low. It is time to reset the mental mode to ENJOY. Enjoy your surroundings. Enjoy your house. Enjoy your backyard and your front yard. If you are lacking zeal, the work you do every day is just a boring chore. Doing that work will give you no joy whatsoever. Life will become dreary. Add a good amount of zeal into that chore, and the same work becomes a pleasure.


Didi Ji