U is for Uplifting. Some people lift you up by being encouraging and inspiring. Their words and gestures lift your spirits and make you believe in yourself. You may be feeling gloomy but they will pull you out of the darkness until you can see the light. These people may not be teaching in a school or college, but they are natural teachers. They may not be heading a corporation, but they are natural leaders. There is a very strong possibility that you have been affected by such a person in your life.

The best way to show gratitude to a person who has uplifted you is to uplift others. Instill hope in a grieving heart. Put a smile on the face of someone who has nothing to smile about. There are challenges in life that at times seem unsurmountable. We are living in a self-serving, self-obsessed, rush-rush society where people are trying to tear others down so that they may get ahead. In all this haste, it’s easy for a person to slip and fall. Be the one who steps away from the rat race and lifts the one who has fallen.

V is for Vow. The word almost seems archaic. The concept of ‘taking a vow’ also sounds very old; almost ancient. However, taking a vow to do something is neither archaic, nor ancient. The meaning of the word applies to our daily life, even in the 21st century. You can take a vow even if you are not entering a monastery or getting married.

When you take a vow to accomplish a task, you promise yourself to put all your energy into getting that work done. When you take a vow to change something about yourself, you should apply all your mental power in making that transformation happen.

Success in any aspect of life depends on taking a vow and working towards fulfilling it.


Didi Ji