Ever-new tech innovations are making the world smaller and smaller. People who are geographically oceans apart can see and chat with each other. Social media platforms allow people to find long-lost family members and friends. They make it easier for the police to find criminals and identify criminal activity. Now it’s easier to learn anything you wish to learn. All this is very good. However, things have clearly gotten out of hand.

The sign of the times is a disturbing one. A family is sitting down to dinner and everyone has something in their hands, but instead of cutlery it’s a smart phone. Animated conversations are taking place, but not with each other. Everyone is communicating with someone who is not at the dining table. By saying that the family is dining together I am likely presenting an unlikely scenario. Who even does that anymore?

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Zoom, Tik Tok etc. didn’t start off with a malicious intent. Despite all the good intentions, these social platforms have taken over our lives. Moderation is important in every walk of life, but the nature of this beast is such that it doesn’t tolerate anything less than full addiction. If we don’t stop it…..!

It’s essential to distance ourselves frequently from social media. This ‘social distancing’ will hopefully bring us out of the trance and we will once again learn the fine art of conversation. Children will learn how to do ‘nothing’ by hanging around in the backyard and collecting fireflies. We will all cherish reality rather than ‘virtual reality’.

It’s time to distance ourselves from the social platforms. I am all for ‘Social Distancing.’ Are you?


Didi Ji