is for Simplicity. We often complicate very simple matters and manage to confuse ourselves and others. Wise ones work towards simplifying life. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” A genius is not one who complicates things; a genius is one who simplifies everything.

When faced with a seemingly unsurmountable task, break it down into sections. Make the task less daunting by simplifying it. You will see a clearer picture emerging. Rather than trying to accomplish a difficult mission quickly, work on it every day for a week and get it done. Simple!

Many people today are embracing minimalism. Not finding fulfillment living in a big home filled with things, they yearn for a simple life in a tiny home with bare essentials.

Simplicity is the ornament of an individual. Being part and parcel of God who is infinitely simple we have a natural attraction for simplicity.

is for Tolerance. Tolerance is the mark of a confident and mature person. Such a person does not take insults personally, for he knows who he is. Taking criticism in stride he does not fall to pieces when insulted or misunderstood. He knows that others’ opinions of him do not shape him.

To become more tolerant, you must not only be confident in yourself, but also give others benefit of the doubt. Respect others and think good of them. Instead of losing your temper, try to find out where the other person is coming from. Empathize with others. Take the spotlight away from yourself and shine it on others. Be mindful of the challenges they are facing in life.

Trees teach us tolerance in that they provide sweet fruits to those who pelt stones at them. We should learn also to be tolerant toward others.


Didi Ji