is for Quietness. We are constantly exposed to sounds from digital devices, traffic noises, construction noises and loud conversations. Exposure to these sounds affects our ability to concentrate and take the right decisions. Even sleep time is disturbed by the presence of the humming and buzzing sounds from the devices that are with us all day and that we cannot do without even at night. Quiet moments in which there are no distractions allow us to remain calm throughout the day. At the end of the day, they help us learn lessons by processing the events of the day peacefully.

Noise kills creativity, and quietness encourages it. The masterpieces in art, architecture and literature were created by those who scheduled daily quiet time to work on honing their skills.

Quiet reflection is essential for a true seeker. In quiet moments the seeker connects with his inner self, and he can then hear the still, small voice of God.

is for Respect. Respect is something we desire for ourselves but do not always give to others. Every person deserves our respect. Elders must be respected for their life experiences and the wisdom we can acquire from them. Instead of regarding them as wise teachers, society often casts them aside and generally ignores them.

Respect ought to be given to each and every individual and to all creatures. God lives in the heart of everyone, and every person has a lot of goodness within. Every child of God is unique and special.

Respecting Nature and the environment is a critical issue these days. We see the damage we have caused by abusing Mother Earth. Pollution and needless wastage are examples of the disrespect and disregard we have shown for Nature.

Respect starts in the mind. If it’s only for show, you may fool the other person but you will eventually turn into a hypocrite. Genuine respect for others makes us into better human beings. Our thoughts make us into who we are. The person who truly appreciates and respect others, is gradually molded into a beautiful person who sees good in all and learns from everyone.


Didi Ji