is for Optimism. Whether you are nurturing a family, a corporation or even yourself, you are a leader, and leaders need to be optimistic. In the face of a bleak situation, you can either give up and wait for the sky to fall, or you can keep smiling, remain active and bide your time until things look up once more. Everyone’s life is full of ups and downs. If you happen to be in the valley today, you will be on the hill one day soon. If you resign yourself to failure, you are sure to fail.

To become optimistic, always look at the positive side of things. This is not to say that you should become unrealistic. Not at all! It simply means that while you are aware of the possible setback or failure, you choose to work towards success and choose to anticipate success.

Think of the people in history who accomplished great things in life. We would not know of Gandhi if he had become pessimistic and given up his peaceful fight for India’s freedom. We also would not know of the Wright brothers if they had given up after multiple failures to take flight. Edison’s success can be attributed to his consistent optimism.

is for Patience. In this day and age, the word ‘patience’ sounds odd to many people. Technological advancements have been occurring at a dizzying pace and we have become accustomed to instant soup, instant nails, fast food and instant gratification. No one wishes to play the waiting game.

The dangers of impatience are seen on the highway where a driver becomes so annoyed at having been cut off that he takes revenge by cursing and even shooting at the offender. The impatient patient at the doctor’s office cannot seem to relax and worsens his condition by stressing himself out even further. And when it comes to interpersonal relationships patience is a nurturing agent. Impatience contributes to the death of a relationship.

We should learn to be patient by observing Nature. Look around and you will see that Nature simply will not be rushed. The gardener waters the plants, but flower buds appear only when it’s the right season. 


Didi Ji