is for Modesty. In the midst of loud, brash and in-your-face culture, modesty is often mistaken as a weakness. It is anything but. Whether inner or outer, modesty is the strength of an individual. When you dress modestly, you show that you respect your body and do not wish to display it for all to see. It also shows that you are confident enough not to be pressured into wearing inappropriate clothing just to fit in or to please others.

We admire modesty in others. When you compliment someone on her achievements, which answer would you prefer? “I have worked hard and I deserve everything that has come my way.” Or, “Thank you; I really enjoy what I do.”

The Supreme Lord teaches His children modesty and sets a great example for all to follow. After giving a lecture to the citizens of Ayodhya, Bhagvan Shri Ram said, “Just because I am your king, do not think that I expect or instruct you to obey Me. I have said what I needed to say. You are free to do as you please.”

Being modest does not mean that you deny your talents and accomplishments. It simply means that you give the credit to God who has enabled you to see, hear, think and take decisions.

is for Nonviolence. Every creature, big or small, is a child of God, and God resides in the heart of all His children. Even trees are living creatures that have a miniscule amount of intelligence. Even they experience pleasure and pain. Insects have more intelligence than trees; birds have still more intelligence; animals are more intelligent than birds. The human intelligence and potential is certainly the greatest of all creatures. Using our intelligence, we put even very large creatures to use. We use them as beasts of burden and also earn money by putting them in the zoo and the circus.

Being the most powerful of all creatures, it is our duty to be compassionate to not only fellow humans, but to all creatures. There are some instances in which violence cannot be avoided, such as cutting trees and chopping vegetables for consumption.

The rule of thumb is to have a mind full of kind and benevolent thoughts. Non-violence will then become a natural way of life.


Didi Ji