K is for Kindness. Those who are kind to us hold a special place in our heart. We fondly remember their acts of kindness, be it an encouraging smile, a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. Of what use is beauty, wealth, physical strength or status in society if the heart is dry and uncaring? If there is no desire to alleviate the suffering of another; if there is no concern to wipe the tears of fellow man, we are not deserving of being called ‘human.’

Amongst all the people living in the world we find varying levels of kindness, with God leading us by example. Whether or not we acknowledge it, we are all heavily in debt for all that God has done and is doing for us. So kind and merciful is He that He does not require even gratitude. Keeping this in mind, we must learn to be kind simply because it’s our duty.

Kindness starts in the mind. Always think kind thoughts. Be kindhearted. Your kind thoughts will turn into kind actions. Do not look for acknowledgment when you do someone a favor. Do not think highly of yourself for being kind. Being kind does not prove your greatness. True greatness lies in not having the pride of being kind.

L is for Loyalty. Individuals, nations, businesses and political parties alike desire loyalty. Airlines show appreciation to loyal customers and reward them in many ways. Employers reward loyal employees with bonuses and vacations. Being loyal to a party helps a person make political strides.

What does Loyalty mean? It means giving support in good and bad times. Just as birds flock to the fruit-bearing tree without invitation but fly away when the tree is bare, there are those who will befriend you when you are on the mountaintop but abandon you when you are down in the valley. If you wish to know who your true friends are, look at who is standing with you even in your darkest hour.

How can you be loyal in everyday life? You can give your honest feedback to friends and family. If you are concerned about a good friend’s actions, tell her so. You can be loyal by refusing to gossip about friends and coworkers. When you commit to a cause, see it through. When you take on a job, make sure you stick with it.


Didi Ji