I is for Impartiality. The world is full of different kinds of people. Being children of the same God, we are all members of the same global family. Some members of this family are rich; some are poor. Some are highly educated; some are completely illiterate. Some are intellectuals; some are not. Some are white; some are black; some are brown.

God is impartial toward all His children. White, black or brown, we are loved equally by Him. Our Father makes no distinction between the rich and the poor. He does not love the ones with superior intellect more than he loves those who are dull-witted. Our Father would have His human children follow His example. We do, but only when are very small. Little children make no distinction between people of a different color, race or religion. Adults make sweeping generalizations. “All Chinese are…….,” or “All Indians are…….,” or “All Blacks are……,” or “All Hindus are….” These generalizations hurt people and breed hatred and contempt in the mind.

When you notice yourself judging a stranger, visualize that you are peeling away his outer layers. You no longer see the skin color or the shape of the nose or the mental capacity. You perceive only a beautiful soul that belongs to God.

J is for Jubilation. Life provides us many reasons for celebration. Look around and see the blue sky and the greenery that surrounds you. See the tree branches and leaves dance with joy. What are they celebrating? Hear the jubilant song of birds. What are they so happy about? Hear the happy screams of children in the playground. Appreciate the sheer joy these children are experiencing.

If you see nothing to be jubilant about, there is a need to do a system reboot. Change your attitude. Look at the world with fresh eyes. There is so much to celebrate. Even a simple walk in the park is a joyful occasion. The gentle rain is a wonder to behold. Open wide your mind and allow your senses to experience the beauty of Creation. Outsource your worries to your Divine Father and enjoy His wondrous works of art in the form of trees, flowers, hills, valleys, wind, rain and lightning.

Appreciate all that you have. Do not take anything you have for granted. When you do this, you will discover unlimited reasons for jubilation.


Didi Ji