D is for Discipline. A disciplined individual works on putting limits on the mind and makes continuous efforts to control the mind. No one is born disciplined; it’s a choice we make in life. We all have a choice to obey the mischievous mind or to become the master of our mind. When we refuse to blindly obey the mind which is like a spoiled child, we start experiencing the true taste of freedom.

E is for Excellence. Anything worth doing is worth doing it well. We are free to choose. We can strive for excellence or we can do our work haphazardly and poorly. The feeling derived from excelling in any area of life is truly satisfying and uplifting. Striving for excellence involves challenging yourself and competing not with others but with yourself. When you shine in your own area, you help others reach their potential as well. The effect is far reaching. Excellent teachers and mentors leave an indelible mark on the mind of their students.

F is for Friendship. If you have one good friend in your life, you are indeed very fortunate. You may have dozens or even hundreds of Facebook friends, but they don’t know you and you don’t know them. Your real friend knows all your faults and likes you anyway. You may not have seen your friend for weeks or months, but when you meet you both pick up immediately from where you had left off, and it all feels very natural.

A true friend rejoices your success and encourages you when you falter and fall. A true friend stops you from committing wrongs without worrying about losing your friendship. A true friend stays with you after everyone has left, putting the furniture back and washing the dishes.

How do you get a true friend in life? By becoming a good friend first.


Didi Ji