The infinitely merciful God has given us the human body using which we can elevate ourselves spiritually. He gives us fruits, vegetables, rice, grains and so much more to sustain the body. But do you know that God provides us with a most amazing pharmacy also? Yes, He does. This pharmacy is called Nature.

There were many practices we followed in daily life as I was growing up in India. Back then, the benefits of these practices were not known to me. Now the entire world has started understanding the merits of natural remedies.

There were many Neem trees growing around our house. These trees repel mosquitos and other insects. The leaves of the tree are bitter and chewing them lowers and controls blood sugar levels. Neem leaves purify blood also. People would chew on ‘datun,’ which were essentially twigs of the Neem tree. These were used as a toothbrush, and they helped prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

When I had an earache, my mother would put mustard oil with garlic in my ears to alleviate the pain. For bloating and stomach aches we would reach for ‘ajwain’ (carom seeds), mix a little salt and wash it down with warm water.

Coconut oil has a huge fan gathering in the world today. We would put coconut oil in the hair to make it healthy and shiny. In the winter months the oil would solidify. To thaw it out we would put it out in the sun and apply it to the hair while basking in the sunlight.

Fennel seeds are a natural breath freshener and a digestive. Boiling these fragrant seeds in water and consuming this herbal tea cools the stomach. Ginger was a must in every household for its excellent qualities, as was turmeric powder. These two are still mainstays in the Indian kitchen.

God has created foods that have either a heating or a cooling quality. We knew about the heating quality of mangoes; so we would put them in a bucket of water for some hours before enjoying them.

All the above practices are ancient practices from God’s Pharmacy called Nature.


Didi Ji