• A pure heart attracts God but a deceitful heart repulses Him.
  • God says – Take all your worldly attachments and string them together into a garland. Offer that garland to me, accepting me as your one and only.
  • There is no one who does not become intoxicated with pride due to wealth.
  • The heart of a saint is softer than butter, for butter melts due to its own suffering (when it is heated) but the saint’s heart melts seeing the suffering of others.
  • The great ones tolerate the insults of the evil ones just as a mountain tolerates torrential rainfall.
  • The body is laying in front of you and the soul never dies. For whom do you grieve?
  • The servant who obeys God’s instructions is very dear to God.
  • Knowledge leads to faith, and faith leads to love.
  • The omnipresent God is visible only to those who love Him.
  • The reason behind love in the world is the fulfillment of self-interest.
  • You may extract butter by churning water, and oil from churning sand, but you can never transcend Maya without devotion to God.


Didi Ji