When we realize that time is short, we act quickly and get the important work done first. Students hurry up and revise their lessons when they realize that exams are only days away. Travelers walk at a brisk pace to the gate when it is about time to board the flight. When a mother realizes that her little girl is finishing school for the day, she leaves all other work and quickly goes to pick her up. All these people realize that time is short.

If we are to live successfully, we must never lose sight of the fact that time is running out. This sort of thinking is extremely important and practical. Moreover, it is a reality. Someone who realizes that time is short will not put off important matters for even a few seconds, what to speak of years. If you find out that a spider is crawling down your back, you will not wait for even a second before taking action. If your hair catches fire, you will not think, “I will take care of this later; right now, I am too busy.” You will act immediately.

Looking at someone who is gravely ill, we think, “His time is running out.” When we come across a very elderly person, we think the same. How odd that we do not think the same for ourselves! Our time is also coming to an end. With every birthday we celebrate we are coming closer and closer to our demise but prefer to remain unaware.

Live your life by the motto, “Time is short.”


Didi Ji