There is an ocean that needs to be crossed. No; not the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Southern, or the Arctic Ocean. It's the Ocean of Maya. You may ask, "Which ocean is this?" It is the unlimited ocean of our material entanglements. In this ocean, there are ferocious creatures that prevent us from getting to the other side. These are our worldly attachments. On the other side of the ocean is the kingdom of our Father; the true home of the soul. To cross the ocean and to go home to God, we need a strong ship, an efficient helmsman, and favorable winds.

With the grace of God, we have all received a very capable vessel in the form of a human body. A strong helmsman has been arranged in the form of a Guru. Moreover, the favorable wind of God's grace is always blowing. We have everything we need to cross the ocean of Maya.

Rather than crossing the ocean, we are making excuses. Saint Tulsidas points out that we make the excuse of Time, Destiny, and Will of God. We claim that time has not come for us to cross the ocean. We complain that our destiny does not allow us to cross the ocean. We put the blame on God for not giving us the desire to cross the ocean.

Saint Tulsidas further says that the individual who does not attempt to cross the ocean of materialism, is the biggest fool of all and that he will regret his procrastination lifetime after lifetime.

It is time to cross the ocean!


Didi Ji