Time is a priceless commodity that we may not have much of. What are you spending your time on? Important matters or trivial pursuits?

You are once again wondering what your neighbors are up to. Why do they get so many visitors? What’s really going on with them? They seem to be involved in something fishy. – Trivial Pursuit and Waste of Time.

You are reflecting on why your sister’s words made you fume with anger, and you are realizing how wrong you were. You are making a promise to yourself never to act up like that, ever again. – Important, because you are trying to shape yourself into a better person.

Better part of your day is spent browsing social media and posting selfies. Even as you should be concentrating on school or work, your mind wanders and searches for your gadgets. You feel comforted when you get your hands on your electronics. – You are being frivolous with your time.

You are reading inspiring literature and watching inspirational talks, in an effort to learn how to mend the mind and control your thoughts. You are getting the benefit of philosophers’ thoughts and musings of saints. – Great use of time.

You are getting involved in other people’s business, advising them whether or not they solicit your help. You are making judgments on people, dismissing some as unworthy and praising others as being crème-de-la-crème. – Waste of time.

When asked to take sides, you excuse yourself and step away. You know very well that no one is completely free of blame, just as no one ever does everything right all the time. Moreover, you were not designated a judge or a supervisor by the Creator. – Wise decision.

Let’s use time wisely.


Didi Ji