The true meaning and the serious implication of the word 'Guru' elude those who generally use it to mean 'expert.' The eternal Vedas define 'Guru' as 'the one who dispels ignorance and gives knowledge.' They also specify that the Guru teaches the highest knowledge; the knowledge of God.

We readily accept that even the knowledge of A B C or 1 2 3 cannot be acquired without a teacher; that no material knowledge can be learned without being taught by someone. It is odd, therefore, that we do not accept the need for a divine teacher to impart divine knowledge. It is our experience that when we try to understand anything about the soul, the mind, God, or other spiritual matters, we are hopelessly lost despite being highly qualified in worldly matters.

Enlightened ones have compared the material world to an ocean. The individual soul must cross the ocean of materialism and reach to the other side, to God's kingdom. The soul has been given a competent ship in the form of a human body. The captain of the ship is the Guru who steers the mighty barge across the ocean.

Without the guidance of a Guru our life is like a ship being tossed around in the ocean. Life has no meaning until a divine teacher reveals it. The Guru reveals the meaning of life and the practical method of fulfilling the purpose for which God has sent us to earth.


Didi Ji