Contrary to popular belief, devotion to God is not an activity for us to perform monthly, weekly, or even daily. It’s not a chore that has to get done from time to time. Devotion is a state of mind in which we must remain all the time. Whether we are waking in the morning or going off to sleep at night, we must be aware of God who is inside as well as outside of us.

If you believe in God’s omnipresence, you must also be aware that the Creator is within every individual. How can we then separate devotion to God from being kind and respectful to all creatures? Devotion renders the heart pure and gives rise to virtuous qualities such as compassion, gentleness, helpfulness, generosity and humility.

Devotion means ‘love for God,’ and love is practiced with the mind. The more our mind is lovingly meditating on God, the better we become as individuals. When God enters the mind, Godly qualities make their entrance also. Vices gradually depart as virtues enter the heart.

If you claim to be a devotee of God, test yourself. Are you a calm person or are you quick to anger? Do you understand the pain of others or are you completely absorbed in your own life? How well or poorly do you handle adversity? Do you judge others harshly or do you view them kindly? Do you find more virtues than vices in a person, or is it the other way around?

The mind can trick you into thinking that you are a great, or even a good, devotee. By testing ourselves regularly, we can get a very good idea.


Didi Ji