Nature is powerful. Nature is wise. Nature is an endless source of inspiration. Nature is a silent teacher. Observe Nature and gain inspiration.

  • Be like the Chinook winds that bring instant heat to a cold place, warming up the weather instantly by anywhere from 25 to 50 degrees. As these winds bring heat to the region, bring warmth of friendship to a lonely person who is in desperate need of it. To the person who is experiencing the world to be a cold place, a friendly face is more valuable than you can imagine. A little warmth goes a long way, especially when it is least expected.

  • Be like a Rainbow. Rainbows bring excitement; they eradicate sadness and fill the mind with a sense of wonder. No one can feel sad while looking at a rainbow. Be the kind of person who brings a sense of adventure, awe and beauty to the world. 

  • Be like the gentle Rainfall. Listening to sounds of falling rain brings peace to the mind. Those who find it difficult to sleep often fall into slumber when they listen to recorded sounds of rainfall even in the dry season. Be like the rain that brings a smile to hard-working farmers and their families. Be like the rain that makes children squeal with delight. Be like the rain that makes ordinary people into poets and dreamers.

  • Be like a Mountain. Like the strong and steady mountain, be strong in your faith and remain steady in all circumstances. Do not fall to pieces when being tested. Discover the strength within as a child of the most loving and merciful God who loves you more than you can ever imagine.


Didi Ji