Every life comes with joys as well as trials and tribulations. Every day is full of pleasure as well as pain. Every person has good and bad inside them. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect life,’ ‘a perfect person’ or a ‘perfect day.’ The onus is on you to actively seek something great about your life, your day and every person in your life.

Rather than looking at the shortcomings of your brother, your wife or your boss, try to see the good in them. Look at your challenges as opportunities and see your failures as pathway to success. Don’t waste time regretting what could have been or should have been. Be fully present in the here-and-now. Everything in life is unfolding exactly as it should. Don’t you see the hand of the Supreme Father in your life? Know that He is perfect and that His plan is always the best.

On a cloudy day, when everything seems dull and dreary and you find nothing to be happy about, take solace in knowing that the sun is just waiting for a chance to peak through. You have seen this scenario unfold in the past but you have forgotten. In the meantime, find something that fulfills you. Extend help to another person. Do what brings a smile to your face. Are coloring books only for children? Is kite flying only for special occasions? Isn’t your backyard a great place for a picnic?

Don’t wait for happiness to come your way. As a human, you have the most powerful tool that can give any shape you want to your day and your life. That tool is your mind. Use it to create your own sunshine.


Didi Ji