Q: What never goes out of style?
A:  Kindness.
Q:  What makes a person attractive?
A:  Confidence and Genuineness.
Q: How can I get rid of anxiety?
A: Let go of expectations.
Q: How can I stop worrying?
A: By having faith that everything is happening for a reason.
Q: How must I serve God?
A: With gratitude and humility.
Q: What can I do to avoid envy?
A: Convert it into admiration.
Q: What is the importance of prayer?
A: It is food and water for the soul.
Q: What is more precious than gold?
A: True friendship.
Q: Who should I be cautious about?
A: Those who flatter you.
Q: How can I stop looking at others’ faults?
A: By looking at your own.
Q: Why am I not moving ahead in my spiritual life?
A: Procrastination.
Q: What will help me find time for devotional practice?
A: Accepting that peace and happiness are the byproducts of devotion.


Didi Ji