Q: What is the perfect age for practicing devotion?
A: Your current age.
Q: What is the meaning of destiny?
A: Fruits of actions performed in previous lives.
Q: What is the root cause of Anger?
A: Desire.
Q: There are so many people to compete with; what should I do?
A: Compete with yourself.
Q: How can I get rid of feelings of anxiety?
A: Envision that you are a child held in the lap of your Eternal Mother.
Q: What is a salient characteristic of love?
A: Selflessness.
Q: What is something very important to look for in a life partner?
A: Similar values.
Q: What should always be present in marriage?
A: Respect for one another.
Q: What keeps one awake at night?
A: Feelings of guilt.
Q: Besides God, who is it that you cannot hide from?
A: Your own self.
Q: As a high school student, what is the most important thing for me to learn?
A: How to be a good listener and how to have single-minded focus.
Q: As a parent I keep getting my heart broken by my kids. How should I manage?
A: Do your duty towards your children but do not have any expectations from them.


Didi Ji