Q: What is difficult to mend once broken?
A: Trust
Q: How can I be sure I have faith in God?
A: Loving Him in even adverse conditions means that you have faith in God.
Q: What keeps on rejuvenating itself even as I get older?
A: Your desire for the world.
Q: What can I do to not feel bad when someone calls me a fool?
A: If you are a fool, don’t feel bad because your critic has merely stated the truth. If you are not a fool, the critic doesn’t know you. So, don’t take his words to heart.
Q: According to Hinduism, what percentage of one’s wealth must be donated?
A: Ten percent.
Q: What can I do to change my wife/husband?
A: Work on changing yourself, not your wife/husband.
Q: How to not become proud of my talents?
A: By accepting them as gifts from God.
Q: How can I stop procrastinating?
A: By putting off the procrastination. 
Q: What was one thing that surprised you at first about your Guru?
A: His amazing sense of humor.
Q: How can I steer away boredom?
A: Break from routine now and then and be spontaneous.
Q: How can I stop feeling sorry for myself?
A: Think of all the blessings you have in life, and also try to alleviate the suffering of another.
Q: What never changes?
A: The laws of God.


Didi Ji