Q: What is the best way to start the day?
A: With remembrance of God.
Q: How to stay away from pettiness?
A: By repeatedly reminding yourself that life has a much higher purpose.
Q: How can I, a fifth grader, get my homework done earlier than 11 pm?
A: By focusing in class, finishing as much work you can at school and by avoiding distractions at home.

Q: How can I find more time for devotional practice?
A: By learning how to manage time and by sticking to a schedule, even for devotions.
Q: Why am I not making progress in my spiritual life?
A: You may not be dedicating enough time for the welfare of the soul.
Q: How can I instill good habits in my child?
A: By first getting into those habits yourself.
Q: What is the reason behind my sensitive nature?
A: A big ego.
Q: Why should I bother making my bed every morning?
A: It will give you a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to accomplish other tasks.
Q: I am very quiet, but my family always tries to make me talk more. Is it wrong to be quiet?
A: Nothing wrong with being quiet, but your family may be afraid that you are bottling up your feelings inside. Reassure them by communicating and sharing with them.
Q: Is it important to teach my only child to share with others?
A: Absolutely; the habit of sharing will help your child throughout life.
Q: How can I keep making my uneventful life more interesting?
A: By learning something new every day or week. And by the way, so many people in the world would love to have an uneventful life.
Q: What is your favorite quote from scriptures?
A: Awaken, arise and seek true knowledge from saints.


Didi Ji