Q: What will help me remain calm in the midst of chaos in my life?
A: The acceptance that everything has a reason and that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.
Q: Why don’t I feel that everything has a reason?
A: It comes with the daily practice of surrender.
Q: I waste a lot of time every day. How can I become more productive?
A: Put just 3 tasks on your To-Do list and concentrate on getting them done.
Q: I feel very restless and don’t know how to destress. Any ideas?
A: Take a break from social media and spend time in Nature.
Q: I beat myself up about past mistakes, and I don’t know how to stop doing it.
A: Be contrite and make a firm resolve not to make those mistakes again. God has forgiven you; why don’t you forgive yourself?
Q: Why do I make so many mistakes?
A: You are a work in progress.
Q:  I am a teenager, and I feel that I can’t ever measure up. I’m never good enough.
A: Don’t compare yourself to others. Work on becoming the kind of person you would admire.
Q: Why do I feel unfulfilled despite having a great career and an amazing family?
A: It may be because you have put your relationship with your Creator on the back shelf.
Q: If God exists, why can’t I see Him?
A: God is divine and your eyes are material. To see Him you need divine eyes.
Q: How can I get divine eyes?
A: By accepting and loving Him as your Beloved.
Q: What would inspire me to love God?
A: Knowing how much He loves you and how many times He has forgiven you.
Q: What do you think are the two most important traits in a person?
A: Humility and Kindness.


Didi Ji