Q: How do I get to the top of my career?
A: One step at a time.
Q: Sometimes my work seems very daunting. What should I do to check my panic at that time?
A: Divide the work into manageable parts. Look at its many small parts instead of seeing one big job.

Q: I have received human life due to my past devotional actions. Why should I feel grateful to God then?
A: Because God gives fruits of those actions and without His grace your actions would remain fruitless.

Q: Many people labor hard but remain poor whereas many become wealthy despite their inaction. How does this work?
A: If it is predestined, the individual will receive wealth even without hard work.

Q: What is Destiny?
A: Fruits of past actions.

Q: Is everything in life predestined?
A: No. Some of it is, but most of it is not.

Q: I have heard of three kinds of actions. What are these?
A: SanchitPrarabdh and KriyamaanSanchit are infinite actions of previous lives that have yet to bear fruit. Prarabdh are past actions that are bearing fruit at present; these are also known as ‘destiny.’ Kriyamaan are actions you are free to perform in present life.

Q: Can you give an example of something predestined in life?
A: The duration of one’s life, down to the second.

Q: What about those who commit suicide?
A: They will not succeed unless and until their time on earth has come to an end.

Q: What about untimely death?
A: There is no such thing. When someone dies young or if someone has a fatal accident, people call their death ‘untimely.’ However, no one dies before their time.

Q: How should I think of death so that it doesn’t frighten me?
A: Think that the soul is changing bodies just as you change clothes after your daily shower.

Q: I am afraid of leaving the world all alone.
A: You are never alone. God is always with you and will always be with you. Think of this again and again.


Didi Ji