Q: Why is it so difficult to see our own faults?
A: Our ego has us believe that we are the perfect ones living in the midst of severely imperfect people.
Q: Why are some people so moody?
A: Everyone is moody, not just some people. Our mind is ruled by 3 modes: mode of goodness, mode of worldly desires, and mode of ignorance. These three modes take turns ruling the mind, which results in a person going into different moods throughout the day.
Q: What are the most damaging faults of an aspiring devotee?
A: Procrastination and failure to see God within everyone.
Q: What is a powerful enemy of a human?
A: Laziness.
Q: What is a fascinating fact about our mind?
A: The mind can be your best friend or your best friend.
Q: When is the mind my friend and when is it my enemy?
A: If it’s disciplined, it’s your best friend. If unruly and undisciplined, it’s your worst enemy.
Q: What is the difference between the mind and the intellect?
A: Both are one. When it is thinking and planning, it’s called the mind. When it’s deciding it’s called the intellect.
Q: Which five diseases does the intellect suffer from?
A: Love, Animosity, Fear of Death, Ignorance and Pride.
Q: What can I do if my mind is not naturally inclined toward God?
A: Mind is like clay and you are the potter who can give any shape to the clay.


Didi Ji