Q: Please share a mantra that can help me live a more peaceful life.
A: A very powerful mantra is: Speak little. Speak sweetly.
Q: Life is very stressful. I have too many thoughts in my head and I am not able to manage. Help!
A: You do not have to figure everything out right away. Trying to work out too many issues at once is a very daunting task. Make it easier for yourself by trying to manage just one day at a time.
Q: What can I do to help my friends and family members when I see them making so many mistakes?
A: You can help by staying out of their business.
Q: Why am I always trying to please people? It gets tiring but just can’t seem to quit.
A: You want everyone to approve of you, which is why you are trying to look good in their eyes. Rather than working so hard on looking good in the eyes of others, try to actually become good.
Q: Is it wrong for me to commit to many projects at the same time?
A: Just be cautious that quality is not suffering and that you are not exhausting yourself.
Q: What can I do to curb my negativity?
A: Think of all the positives in your life and try to look at all the good going on in the world.
Q: How should I regard failures I have had in my life?
A: Look at them as lessons and learn from them.
Q: I am struggling with time management. What can I do?
A: Make a schedule and stick to it until you become more disciplined.
Q: I don’t seem to have much luck in doing devotion. Why?
A: Devotion is not a matter of luck; it’s a matter of practice.

Q: What can I do to increase my faith in God?
A: Keep attending spiritual talks and practicing devotion. Faith will increase over time.


Didi Ji