Q: As a practicing devotee I am supposed to be humble. Does this mean that I should never scold my kids or put my foot down at home or the workplace?
A: There are times when you will have to scold and raise your voice, but make sure you do so only externally while remaining humble internally. Usually we remain humble externally while we become angry internally. You will need to do the opposite.
Q: I have been told I talk too much. How do I stop myself?
A: Develop the habit of thinking before speaking. Think, “Is it really necessary to say what I am going to say?” Also consider whether your words are going to bring joy or make the listener’s mind restless. Think whether they will be of any good use to someone. Use your words sparingly.
Q: It disturbs me very much that the people I did so much for, don’t do anything for me. How do I stop feeling badly about this?
A: Our expectations agitate the mind, troubling us to no end. Help others without expecting anything in return.
Q: What can I do to shed tears as I practice devotion?
A: Personalize God and shed tears of gratitude for all He has given to you. Visualize God’s sweetest pastimes and shed tears of happiness. Think that you are not able to see Him and shed tears of separation. If these methods fail, think, “I am such a fallen soul that I am not able to shed tears even for the one who gave me life.” Shed tears of repentance if all else fails.
Q: Which is the final keertan of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj?
A: Through His final composition Shri Maharaj Ji communicated His final message: Sumiran kar le mana, Radha aru Radha Ramana, i.e. Meditate, o my mind, on Shri Radha and on Krishna, the delighter of Radha Rani’s heart.
Q: Is Hinduism 5,000 years old?
A: This misconception stems from the fact that the Vedas, the eternal laws of God, were given the written form 5,000 years ago. God is eternal. The Vedas are also eternal. Hinduism has existed since God and the Vedas have existed. Hinduism is eternal.
Q: Why is Divali celebrated?
A: The Supreme Lord descended to earth as Ram in the Age of Treta and performed earthly pastimes. When He returned to Ayodhya after a 14-year exile along with Seeta, Lakshman and many devotees, citizens of Ayodhya welcomed their beloved Lord back by lighting lamps and fireworks.


Didi Ji