Q: Why is it dangerous to trust one’s own intellect?

A:  Our intellect, the deciding power of the mind, has five faults known as ‘Panch Klesh’. One of these is favorable attachment (love) to the world, while another is unfavorable attachment (hatred) to the world. One is ‘Fear of Death.’ The fourth fault is ‘ignorance,’ and lastly, pride. These 5 faults of the intellect cause our decisions to be faulty.

Q: Why do I feel so critical of others?

A:  If we are faulty, we tend to see faults in everyone we see, even in saintly souls. The faultless ones see the good in everyone. The worldly person sees one fault in someone and magnifies it, whereas the divine one sees one virtue in a person and counts it as unlimited virtues.

Q: Our scriptures recommend worship of the Guru. Please explain, as I feel strongly that we should not worship humans.

A:  God in the form of Ram and Krishna descends to earth and performs divine pastimes but appearing on earth in the human form does not make Him worldly. Likewise, when a divine teacher of men appears on earth, he should not be judged to be an ordinary human. Guru is an individual soul who has attained God. He possesses all the divine qualities of God. As such, he becomes equal to God. Scriptures do not recommend worshipping a human. They recommend worshipping the divine Guru.

Q: The greatest service rendered to God is the one we perform mentally. Why then is there a need to serve physically and financially?

A: It’s true that the highest service we render to God is the one we perform mentally. At the same time, serving God physically purifies the material body and inspires us to meditate on God. Serving God financially purifies the impure wealth and brings about a natural detachment from the material world. Ones who are able to do so, should serve with body, mind and wealth. Those who cannot serve financially, should serve with body and mind. Those who cannot serve physically, should serve financially and mentally. Those who cannot serve physically or mentally, must serve God in their mind.

Q: I am not able to cry while singing the glory of God. Why?

A: Pride prevents us from shedding tears before God. It may be the pride of beauty, wealth, health, youth, status, intelligence, or even the false pride of being an advanced devotee.


Didi Ji