Q: I am from India. With help of my parents I got engaged to a very good and kind man but after two months of engagement I am sure I don’t wish to get married. I feel terrible breaking the engagement and don’t know what to do.
A: It’s better to explain your feelings to your fiancé and break off the engagement right now rather than being miserable in the marriage later on and making his life miserable also.

Q: I am a serious seeker, actively practicing devotion and engaged in serving God and Guru. Sometimes loneliness torments me and I wish to get married. What should I do?
A: There once lived a holy man named Saubhari. He was such an advanced seeker that he would meditate under water. As he was submerged under water, he saw two fish mating. This scene disturbed his mind and he decided to get married. He was so desperate to get married that he transformed himself into a handsome young man and won the hearts of 50 princesses who all fell in love with him. He used his powers of yog and assumed 50 bodies. He lived in 50 palaces with his 50 wives. They had many children, followed by grandchildren. Saubhari renounced his meditation for years and years until one day he realized what had become of him. He had been seeking God but now had become completely worldly. The thoughts of God were not anywhere near his mind. Then he warned everyone, “Do not make the same mistake I made.”

Marrying or not marrying is your personal decision. At the same time, you say that you are seriously pursuing God. This means that you are trying to become mentally detached from the material world. In such a case give serious thought to the fact that after marriage you will surely become attached to your spouse and later, children.

Q: Most of the saints in Hindu history were married with children. Did this not disturb their devotion or their meditation?
A: Saints are those who have realized God. Even though they appear to be ordinary people, there is nothing ordinary about them. They have defeated Maya and have therefore conquered lust and other vices. Their external actions seem to be those of a worldly man or woman, but they are internally divine. Due to the Yogmaya power in their possession, they perform worldly actions while remaining connected to God at all times.  


Didi Ji