Q: World population is increasing. Does this mean that there are new souls being created?
A: The soul is eternal. It does not take birth, nor does it die. So, there is no question of new souls being created. The population of humans is increasing because there are more souls that are now becoming deserving of the human form of life. Keeping in mind that our world is just a minute fraction of a universe and that there are innumerable universes in existence, it’s very possible that many souls are migrating to our universe and being born human.

Q: What is ‘untimely death’?
A:  If someone dies at a very young age or is killed in an accident, people start referring to that death as‘untimely.’ In fact, death always comes on time. It is scheduled. Even before the baby takes birth, its death is predestined. How many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds that child is meant to live, is decided by God. After that, no one can make any changes. Even if someone is trying to commit suicide, he will not be able to succeed unless and until his life is meant to come to an end.

Q: I have heard that you are not meant to read scriptures on your own. If this is so, why were these scriptures written in the first place?
A: Scriptures, or holy books such as Bhagvat Geeta or Bhagvatam, are divine in nature. They are written by divine personalities, either God or saints who are directly inspired by God. Because they are divine, these texts cannot be comprehended by a material (non-divine) mind. This, however, does not mean that the knowledge of these scriptures is denied to us. Scriptural knowledge must be acquired for our spiritual benefit. It must be acquired not by reading, but by humbly submitting to the divine Guru who will impart that knowledge to the seeker.

Q: Vegetarians and vegans claim that their way of living is peaceful and non-violent. However, they are also killing living beings in the form of trees that produce fruits, vegetables and grains. Am I right to think this way?
A: You are absolutely correct in saying that plants and trees are living creatures and that in consuming them we are committing acts of violence. However, these creatures possess very minute consciousness; they experience very little pain when they are cut. Not so with animals that possess much greater consciousness and knowledge. Although violence is committed in both cases, but the level of violence is very different. We can certainly live without consuming meat because we have fruits, vegetables, and grains that can sustain us. If we stop eating even these, we will surely die. 


Didi Ji