Q: What is the size of the soul?
A: The Vedas explain that the soul is the size of a strand of hair that has been split widthwise into 10,000 parts.
Q: Where exactly is the soul inside the body?
A: The eternal Vedas say that the soul lives within the ‘sookshm hriday’, i.e., subtle heart.
Q: What does the soul do?
A: It performs two functions: it remains alive and as long as it is in the body it keeps the body alive by spreading consciousness throughout the body.
Q: How is it that the soul, being so small, spreads consciousness throughout the body?
A: Just like a lamp which is placed in one corner of the room enlightens the entire room.
Q: Are humans the only ones with a soul?
A: No; all other creatures- trees, insects, birds and animals – also have a soul.
Q: Do all living creatures have the same size of soul?
A: Yes, the hippopotamus has the same size soul as a mosquito.
Q: Has anyone ever seen the soul?
A: Scientists have tried but have not been successful. The soul cannot be seen with material eyes, as it is a divine fraction of God.
Q:  Is it true that there is only one soul in existence which is within everyone?
A: There are uncountable souls, and each is an ‘individual soul.’
Q: Do we get a new soul in every lifetime?
A: No; understand it like this: you ARE the soul, and you receive a new body in every life.
Q: Is it possible to destroy the soul?
A: No. Bhagvad Geeta says that the soul cannot be killed by weapons, burnt by fire, melted by water or withered by the wind.
Q: What is the age of the soul?
A: The soul is eternal. Never was there a time when the soul did not exist.
Q: Can you help me understand the concept of eternity?
A: Think of a circle, which has no beginning, no middle, and no end.


Didi Ji