Q: How can I get my overactive mind to relax?
A: Get into the habit of being by yourself for some time every day and listen to soothing devotional music. Put away all your gadgets during this time. Practice breathing deeply. Talk to your mind and gently coax it to go at a slower pace.
Q: When I try to meditate, I start thinking of a million things that need to get done. What should I do?
A: If you start thinking of getting this-and-that-work done, assure your mind that you will do it later. You may find it useful to make a list of things to get done. If the mind is still restless, talk to it and provide logical reasons for meditating on the Supreme.
Q: While doing Roopdhyan of Shri Krishna, my mind runs away to the world again and again. What can I do?
A: Let the mind go wherever it wants to go in the world but take Lord Krishna to where the mind has gone. Visualize your Lord to be where the mind is. If the mind rushes away to go somewhere else, put Krishna there as well. Eventually, the mind will grow tired of all the running and it will settle down with Shri Krishna.
Q: How do I know that I am making progress on the path of devotion?
A: You will have more patience, tolerance, and humility. The tendency to look at others’ faults will be greatly reduced and it will be replaced by looking at your own faults. You will have tears of love in your eyes for your divine beloved. The name of God will delight your heart considerably more than earlier.
Q: What is one of the most important habits to develop for a seeker?
A: Seeing God in yourself and in others.
Q: What is the benefit of seeing God in myself?
A: You will hesitate before doing something wrong. You will think, “My Lord is sitting in my heart; I must not think such thoughts. He will not be pleased. If He is not pleased, how will I get His grace that I so badly need?”
Q: What is the benefit of seeing God in others?
A: You will not criticize others if you start realizing that God is sitting within. Criticizing others is a sure sign of your own faults. If you are looking at the real or imaginary faults of others, you will become proud, and pride is something detested by God. 


Didi Ji