In Chapter 16 of Bhagavad Geeta, Shri Krishna describes 26 qualities possessed by saintly people. Cultivating these qualities by practicing devotion is important for a seeker for it helps in making spiritual progress. This is the third message in this series:
9. Aarjavam (Simplicity): A life of simplicity removes distractions that arise in daily life, preventing a devotee from making spiritual progress. By practicing discipline, taking time out for God, and not running after worldly pleasures a devotee moves towards the ultimate goal of finding true happiness.
10. Ahinsa (Non-Violence): Respecting life and all living things is one of the cornerstones of devotion. A devotee attempts to see God in everyone and works hard to ensure that his conduct and actions do not hurt anyone.
11. Satyam (Truthfulness): Practicing restraint in speech, working hard to ensure that facts are not distorted to further one's own interests, and staying away from gossip become important to a devotee.
12. Akrodh (Absence of Anger): Weeks and months of spiritual progress can be wiped out by a few actions that are performed when one is angry. By continuing to practice devotion and having steadfast faith in the will of God, a devotee gradually overcomes anger.


Didi Ji