There is a time for everything:  a time to take birth, a time to die; a time to work, a time to play; a time for youth, a time for old age; a time for laughter, a time for tears.  Nothing stays the same.  Climate changes; body changes; fashion changes; financial situation changes; dress size changes; the way of thinking changes.  Change is a part of life.    
Being aware that change is inevitable brings acceptance of all things to come.  Be grateful that your body is functioning properly today, but be aware that it may not be the same tomorrow.  Be thankful that you are able to see and hear, for that may change any time.  Enjoy the spring season and the chirping of birds, for soon the season will change and summer will arrive.  Be grateful for the summer season but be aware that soon it will pass and autumn will arrive.  Do not dread the passing of autumn for it will be winter soon, and in time spring will arrive once again.
Change sometimes frightens us.  It's easier to do what we have been doing thus far.  We would rather have things working the same way, because it feels comfortable.  But looking back you will certainly see that changes in life have been largely responsible for your personal growth.  What if you had not changed jobs, or residence, or attitude, or way of thinking?  Reflect on what you have gained through changes in life.  Rather than protesting change, embrace it with happiness.  View it as an opportunity to grow.  
The larva metamorphoses into pupa, and ultimately changes into a beautiful butterfly.


Didi Ji