I am sure that everyone has had a reason which has made them beam with pride.This can be personal success or recognition, success of a loved one, or even an argument that was rightfully won!

I have seen many parents beam with pride in the success of their children. The success can be a well recited poem when they are four, a well earned game, a graduation, a well executed dance recital, or a multitude of other reasons.

Similarly a husband basks in the glory of his wife when she is promoted at work and a daughter gleefully proclaims "That's my dad!" unable to contain her pride as her dad scores the goal at the family picnic soccer game.

Let me give you a few other important reasons on why we should all have that spring in our step and why we should be beaming with pride.

1) Our eternal father is the all-powerful and omniscient God. He knows not only what is in our heart but also in the hearts of all living creatures. There is nothing that He cannot do and there is none He cannot defeat!

2) Our eternal father is the kindest and the most gracious God. He is one who holds our hand when we are going through difficult times lifetime after lifetime and forgives us over and over again for all the mistakes we make.

3) Our eternal father is always with us. There is never a moment when we are not under His protection. He is the one whose arms we run into when we are afraid and He makes it all okay.

He is the kindest, most beautiful, most powerful, most knowledgeable Lord, Father and Beloved, shouldn't we be beaming with pride?


Didi Ji