A is for Appreciation. Busy brooding over what is missing in life, we overlook the blessings we already have. We must learn to appreciate the abundant gifts given by God.

Take a few moments to silently thank all who have come into your life and taught something or the other. These are not only family members, friends, teachers, and well-wishers but also those who have attempted to harm and destroy you. They have all taught you valuable life lessons. What would you be without them? Where would you be without them?

Appreciate people of all colors and backgrounds. Appreciate all religions, cultures and foods. The variety in God’s creation is truly formidable.

B is for Benevolence. Be benevolent without disclosing your acts of kindness. This kindness can be given in tangible and intangible ways. God is everyone’s father, and we are all His children. So many of our brothers and sisters need our help. Just as we teach small children to share, we must also share with our global family.

If God has given you the means, give the hungry ones the gift of food; give the uneducated ones the gift of education; give the gift of medical care. If you don’t have the means, give everyone your smiles, and your kind and loving thoughts.

C is for Contentment. A content pauper is better off than a greedy billionaire. The former is happy sleeping on the footpath while the latter frets about life aboard his luxury yacht. There are many who have more than you, and many who have less. Many are more fortunate and many less fortunate than you. Look at those who have less than you and remain content.


Didi Ji