The word 'friend' makes us smile and brings about emotional satisfaction. Everyone needs a friend to talk to and share feelings with. Friends hold your hand in difficulties and rejoice with you in good times. A true friend will pick you up when you are down, and jump with you when sky is the limit.

Be discerning when choosing friends. Keep in mind that intelligent people talk about ideas; mediocre people talk about events, and ignorant ones talk about other people. Be in the company of those who talk about good ideas. Stay away from those who talk about other people. They will invariably talk about you also. Your relationship with them will be fraught with disappointment.

A friend may inspire you to become better than you are, or take you along on the wrong path. A good friend will advise you to do the right thing. A bad friend will laugh when he sees you involved in wrong activities such as skipping school, being rude, and breaking the law. A good friend will step in and try to stop you.

Your friends will actively or silently influence your attitudes and decisions in life. If you are with those who consider themselves to be perpetual victims, you are likely to become more negative in your outlook on life. If you associate with those who are proactive, their enthusiasm will rub off on you.

If you are looking for friends, look for people who possess the qualities you admire. If you like integrity, honesty, loyalty, and compassion, search for these qualities within the people you befriend.


Didi Ji